03 February 2014

Regional Focus: MENA


Palestinian Refugees in Syria: The Crisis in Yarmouk, Washington, DC, 6 February 2014 [info]

Refugee Protection in the Middle East and the Role of UNRWA, London, 10 February 2014 [info]


Final Destination Maghreb: The Transformation of Transit Countries (COMPAS Blog, Jan. 2014) [text]

"Israel Grants Asylum to Two Eritreans Amid Migrant Protests," Reuters, 26 Jan. 2014 [text]

Israeli Officials Use Asylum Debate to Divide and Distract (RI Blog, Jan. 2014) [text]

Legal Status of Refugees: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq (The Law Library of Congress, Dec. 2013) [text]

The Origins and Politics of Israel's Refugee Debate (972mag, Jan. 2014) [text]

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