27 February 2014

Thematic Focus: Development-induced Displacement/Forced Evictions


"Ethiopia’s Pastoralist Policies: Development, Displacement and Resettlement," Nomadic Peoples, Forthcoming [eprint]

Forced Displacement, Reparation, and a US Ban on Financing International Hydro-development: Policy Ramifications of New US Law (International Network on Displacement and Resettlement, Feb. 2014) [text]

Forced Evictions of Displaced People Lie in the Dark Shadows of Sochi Olympics (IDMC Blog, Jan. 2014) [text]

"Forced Evictions, Mass Displacement, and the Uncertain Promise of Land and Property Restitution in Haiti," Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal, vol. 11, no. 1 (Winter 2013) [eprint via SSRN]

Forced Evictions Seize Kenyans’ Right to Adequate Housing (Human Rights Brief Blog, Dec. 2013) [text]

The Internally Displaced People of Colombia: Resisting Development Induced Displacement in the Quimbo, Student Essay (Göteborgs Universitet, Oct. 2013) [text]

Still at Risk: The Forced Eviction of Displaced People in Urban Afghanistan (IDMC, Feb. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also related blog post.

"'They Talk to Us but Never Listen to Us': Development-induced Displacement among Syria’s Bedouin," Nomadic Peoples, Forthcoming [eprint]

Web sites:

Center on Housing Rights & Evictions (COHRE) [access]
- As noted in this TerraNullius blog post, the COHRE web site disappeared in April 2012, but now has been re-instated online, presumably as an archive.  Some COHRE documents are also available via the resource library of the Global Initiative for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights.

Displacement Research & Action Network (MIT) [access]
- "[A] global network on displacement and land rights that brings together activists, academics and policy makers to build new theory and evidence of the increase and intensity of mass internal displacement around the world due to development, conflict or climate disaster."

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