14 September 2015

Admin: Blog Tweaks

This is a quick note to let visitors know about a few changes I've made to the blog:

1. The main one is the removal of the "New Research" journal article listing from the navigation panel on the right. This was a title list of relevant articles that were not available in full-text, but obviously, were still useful for research purposes. I compiled the listing to complement the other items highlighted in my blog posts. In the end, though, it just took too much of my time to maintain!  And ultimately, I'm not sure how useful it was for people. Happily, there are various free journal article databases available online that I will point you to instead in a forthcoming post.

Despite this change, I am still maintaining the list of references to law review articles (for now!), mainly because there are fewer free legal index alternatives.

2. With the resulting additional space in the navigation panel, I ended up re-working the introductory info and the links to my other resources.

3. I am beginning the process of updating and adding to other guides and resources that I have created.  The first I can cross off my "to do" list is the selection of additional info resources that is available here: http://fm-faq.blogspot.com/2009/11/where-can-i-find-other-forced-migration.html

That's it for now!

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