23 September 2015

New ETDs - Pt. 1

(ETD = Electronic Theses & Dissertations)

Cost and Quality of Healthcare Services Provided to Urban Refugees through In-House and Outsourced Health Facilities in Nairobi, Kenya, Thesis (Kenyatta University, Aug. 2015) [text]

An Exploratory Study of the Role That Identity Documents Play in the Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in South Africa: Reflections from Cape Town, Thesis (Univ. of Cape Town, Aug. 2015) [text]

Health Care Needs of Displaced Women Living in Osire Refugee Camp in Namibia, Dissertation (Univ. of Pretoria, July 2015) [text]

Lay Counselors Experiences with Counseling Their Peers: The Impact of Being a Lay Counselor and Providing Therapy to Traumatized Sudanese Refugees in Cairo, Thesis (American Univ. in Cairo, Fall 2015) [text]

The Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Negotiating Diasporic Identity through Sacred Symbols, Thesis (California State University, May 2015) [text]

What Makes a House a Home? The Meaning of Housing for Syrian Refugees in Their Process of Constructing a Home in Istanbul, Thesis (Utrecht University, Aug. 2015) [text]

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