10 September 2015

Regional Focus: Americas

Event & opportunity: 

Announcing #MoreThanALabel: Immigrant Stories! (SocialWork@Simmons Blog, Sept. 2015) [info]
- Campaign that aims to "raise the voices of those within the immigrant community." Submitted blog posts will be gathered together and presented mid-September.

Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers 9th Annual Conference & 9th Annual AGM, Multiple locations with webcast, 16 October 2015 [info]
- Register by 1 October 2015 for early bird rates.


"Asylum and the American Spirit: The Shift from Foreign Policy-based Bias in Favor of Applicants from Enemy Countries to a Domestic Policy-based Bias against Applicants from 'High-Risk' Countries," Elon Law Review, vol. 7, no. 2 (2015) [full-text]

The Closing of the Canadian Border (Africa in Transition Blog, Aug. 2015) [text]

The Curse of the "Recommended Approval" (The Asylumist, Aug. 2015) [text]

"Do Mexicans Flee from Violence? The Effects of Drug-related Violence on Migration Decisions in Mexico," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Latest Articles, 1 Sept. 2015 [abstract]
- See also earlier working paper.

"Introduction," Chapter 1 in United States Migrant Interdiction and the Detention of Refugees in Guant√°namo Bay (Cambridge University Press, July 2015) [text via SSRN]

"Missed Opportunities and Second Chances: Appellate Litigation Strategies for Asylum Seekers in Reinstatement Cases," Houston Law Review-e: Off the Record, vol. 6, no. 1 (2015) [full-text]
- Note: "This is a continuing piece in a series of articles published to bring to light the challenges faced by immigrants post-deportation, and intends to highlight the unfairness that asylum seekers face in the appellate process after they are removed from the country."  The first article in the series was referenced in this earlier post.

"A Presumption of Disclosure: Towards Greater Transparency in Asylum Proceedings," Seattle Law Review, vol. 38, no. 3 (2015) [full-text]

Remembering Katrina as a Human Rights Disaster (Facing South Blog, Aug. 2015) [text]

'Stranger Danger': A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Major Research Papers, no. 6 (Wilfrid Laurier University, 2015) [text]

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