01 September 2015

New Book Titles

Please visit my Pinterest page to learn about new books due out in September 2015. I've also added information about a few new titles to the July 2015, August 2015, and New Legal Texts book boards.

If you have not joined Pinterest, these new titles are listed below for your reference (organized by title).

September 2015:

Thomas Kauffmann, The Agendas of the Tibetan Refugees: Survival Strategies of a Government-in-exile in a World of Transnational Organizations, Berghahn Books, Sept. 2015

Caroline Shaw, Britannia's Embrace: Modern Humanitarianism and the Imperial Origins of Refugee Relief, Oxford University Press, Sept. 2015

Maurizio Albahari, Crimes of Peace: Mediterranean Migrations at the World's Deadliest Border, University of Pennsylvania Press, Sept. 2015

Simon Massey & Rino Coluccello, eds., Eurafrican Migration: Legal, Economic and Social Responses to Irregular Migration, Palgrave Pivot, Sept. 2015

Megan Bradley, ed., Forced Migration, Reconciliation, and Justice, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Sept. 2015

Harald Bauder & Christian Matheis , eds., Migration Policy and Practice: Interventions and Solutions, Palgrave Macmillan, Sept. 2015

Scott Leckie & Chris Huggins, eds., Repairing Domestic Climate Displacement: The Peninsula Principles, Routledge, Sept. 2015

Meghana Nayak, Who Is Worthy of Protection?: Gender-Based Asylum and U.S. Immigration Politics, Oxford University Press, Sept. 2015

August 2015:

Elizabeth Holzer, The Concerned Women of Buduburam: Refugee Activists and Humanitarian Dilemmas, Cornell University Press, Aug. 2015

Martin van der Velde & Ton van Naerssen, eds., Mobility and Migration Choices: Thresholds to Crossing Borders, Ashgate, Aug. 2015

Liisa H. Malkki, The Need to Help: The Domestic Arts of International Humanitarianism, Duke University Press, Aug. 2015

Elaine Burroughs, Political and Media Discourses of Illegal Immigration in Ireland, Nomos, Aug. 2015

Robert F. Barsky, Undocumented Immigrants in an Era of Arbitrary Law: The Flight and the Plight of People Deemed 'Illegal', Routledge, Aug. 2015

July 2015:

Lisa Ann Richey, ed., Celebrity Humanitarianism and North-South Relations: Politics, Place and Power, Routledge, July 2015

Nicholas Terpstra, Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World: An Alternative History of the Reformation, Cambridge University Press, July 2015

Ramesh Thakur & William Maley, eds., Theorising the Responsibility to Protect, Cambridge University Press, July 2015

Nazilla Khanlou & F. Beryl Pilkington, eds., Women's Mental Health: Resistance and Resilience in Community and Society, Springer, July 2015

New Legal Texts:

Sophie Scholten, The Privatisation of Immigration Control through Carrier Sanctions: The Role of Private Transport Companies in Dutch and British Immigration Control, Brill/Nijhoff, Aug. 2015

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