11 August 2016

News: New Eritrea COI Reports

The Free Movement blog announced the following today: "The Home Office has published a new 285 page report of a UK fact finding mission to Eritrea from February 2016 and updated its country policy documents on illegal exit from Eritrea and military service. From a quick glance, it looks like there is little change in the Home Office position, which is essentially that the vast majority of Eritreans can safely return. The immigration tribunal disagrees, with almost 9/10 Eritrean asylum appeals being allowed."

For more details, please visit the original post.

For some additional context, please see the following:

- Review of the Home Office’s Eritrea Country Information and Guidance 2015 (Independent Advisory Group on Country Information, Nov. 2015) [text] [appendix I, II, III & V] [appendix IV]
- Home Office response to the review [text]
- "UK 'Using Misleading Information' to Return Eritrean Asylum Seekers," The Guardian, 22 Jan. 2016 [text]

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