05 August 2016

Regional Focus: Europe

Assigning Refugees to Landlords in Sweden: Stable Maximum Matchings, Working Paper, no. 18 (Lund Univ., July 2016) [text via IDEAS]

The Asylum and Refugee Policy of the Federal Government (ISPSW, July 2016) [text via Syria Learning]
- Focuses on Germany.

"Campaign Launched to Discourage Refugees from Heading to Europe," The Guardian, 28 July 2016 [text]

Europeans Fear Wave of Refugees Will Mean More Terrorism, Fewer Jobs (Pew Research Center, July 2016) [text]

Fleeing Europe? (openDemocracy, Aug. 2016) [text]

From Fortress Europe to Sanctuary Europe: Building a Social Movement for Inclusive Asylum, Oxford, 18-19 June 2016 [info]
- A number of podcasts are now available.

How Polls Influence Political Attitudes toward Syrian Refugees and Other Issues, Paper presented at Digital Social Science Core Facility Research Seminar, Solstrand, Norway, 15 June 2016 [text]

Migration Crisis (UK Home Affairs Committee, July 2016) [text]

Number of Refugees to Europe Surges to Record 1.3 Million in 2015 (Pew Research Center, Aug. 2016) [text]

Observations by the UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe on the Law Proposal (Ds 2016:21) Concerning Activities for Asylum-seekers and Municipality Placements of Unaccompanied Children (UNHCR, Aug. 2016) [text]

*Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Externalisation of Migration and Refugee Policies (Pro Asyl, Aug. 2016) [text]

Public Opinion and EU Action on Migration and Border Management: Exploring the Expectations Gap (EPRS, Aug. 2016) [text]

Turkey’s Failed Coup Could Have Disastrous Consequences for Europe’s Migrant Crisis (Order from Chaos Blog, July 2016) [text]

Why Brexit Happened, and What to Do Next, TED Summit, Banff, Canada, June 2016 [access]
- Follow link for video.


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