20 November 2013

Events & Opportunities: More Last Minute November 2013 & More December 2013

Immigration Detention: The Grounds Beneath our Feet, Oxford, 21 November 2013 [info]
- Free event, but please register.

Palestinians in Latin America: Between Assimilation and Long-distance Nationalism, Washington, DC, 21 November 2013 [info]
- Free event, but please register.

The Oslo Accords at 20: The Humanitarian Reality and Ways Forward, Brussels, 22 November 2013 [info]
- See also related IDMC blog post.

The Defector - Escape from North Korea, Toronto, 26 November 2013 [info]
- CRS Seminar Series.

Political Influences on Refugee Status Determination in Australia, 1978 to 1983, Oxford, 27 November 2013 [info]
- RSC Public Seminar Series.

Problematizing International Discourses on Displacement and Sexual Violence in Central Africa, Toronto, 28 November 2013 [info]

Responding to the Humanitarian Consequences of the Conflict in Syria: Have We Failed the Test?, London, 28 November 2013 [info]
- Launch event for next issue of Humanitarian Exchange; will also be live streamed; free but registration required.

Migrant Detention in Europe and Beyond: What Perspectives?, Paris, 6 December 2013 [info]
- Register by 3 December 2013.

Gangs, Drugs and the New Dynamics of Forced Displacement in Latin America, London, 5 December 2013 [info]
- Free event, but registration required.

Refugee Congress, Washington, DC, 9-11 December 2013 [info]
- "Refugee Congress is an advocacy and advisory organization comprised of refugees from across the United States who seek to champion domestic and international refugee issues."

FY 2014 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO Programs Benefiting Refugees in Ethiopia and Kenya [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 10 December 2013.

FY 2014 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO Programs Benefiting Refugees in Rwanda and Tanzania [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 13 December 2013.

Survey on Education Response to the Syrian Crisis, INEE [info]
- Contribute to survey by 15 December 2013.

CMRS Winter Short Courses, Cairo, 12 January-6 February 2014 [info]
- Two courses have December deadlines: 1) Demographic Methods for Measuring International Migration, 12-16 January 2014; apply by 10 December 2013 for tuition waiver or by 15 December 2013 for all others. 2) Immigration Detention: Challenges of a Growing Trend, 19-23 January 2014; apply by 24 December 2013 for tuition waiver or by 31 December 2013 for all others.

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