11 November 2013

Tip of the Week!

Image credit: "Red Eight," by Mike Hauser
This blog has turned eight, and to celebrate, I plan to debut a "Tip of the Week" feature.  We're all seekers of information, and as we search, we invariably learn some handy fact or we discover particularly useful resources or tricks or shortcuts that make our online lives a little bit easier.  So if you have something to share, please pass it along for posting!

For now, I'll begin with this tidbit:

I'm based in the U.S. and the URL for my blog is officially http://fm-cab.blogspot.com.  However, if you are in another country and you type in the URL for Forced Migration Current Awareness, you will automatically be redirected to a country-specific domain.  I learned this recently when I was in Vienna, and the URL for my blog showed up as http://fm-cab.blogspot.co.at.  Google (which owns Blogger) does this in order to be able to more easily manage content locally.  In the event it receives a take-down notice in one country, it can comply without affecting what is viewed in other countries.  Apparently, if you are outside the U.S., you can bypass the automatic redirect by typing in http://fm-cab.blogspot.com/ncr (NCR = no country redirect).

So any readers out there who think I am located in their countries - I'm not!  The URL for my blog just makes it seem like I am.

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