07 November 2013

Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1

Asylum Applicants and First Instance Decisions on Asylum Applications: Second Quarter 2013, Data in Focus, no. 12/2013 (Eurostat, Oct. 2013) [access via EMN Belgium]

"Asylum Reception Centre in Cyprus: Setting the Bases for a Contemporary Organisational Structure," European Scientific Journal, vol. 9, no. 29 (2013) [open access text]

EU Rules on Maritime Rescue: Member States Quibble while Migrants Drown (Statewatch, Oct. 2013) [text]

Lampedusa and the ‘Crisis’ of Migration (e-International Relations, Oct. 2013) [text]

On the EU Frontlines of Migrant Reception in Bulgaria (IRIN, Nov. 2013) [text]

"The Other Euro Crisis: Rights Violations under the Common European Asylum System and the Unraveling of EU Solidarity," Harvard Human Rights Journal, vol. 26, no. 1 (2013) [full-text]

"An Overview of Transfers of Asylum Seekers from Germany to Italy under the Dublin II Regulation," Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter, no. 42 (Nov. 2013) [full-text]

Pushed Back: Systematic Human Rights Violations against Refugees in the Aegean Sea and the Greek-Turkish Land Border (Pro Asyl, Nov. 2013) [text]
- See also summary in German and statement from UNHCR Athens.

The Right to Leave a Country (EU Commissioner for Human Rights, Oct. 2013) [text]
- See also related press release.

Shifting Borders: Externalising Migrant Vulnerabilities and Rights? (Red Cross EU Office & IFRC, Nov. 2013) [access]

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