16 December 2014

New Issue of JRS & Web Site on Global Refugee Policy

The latest issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) has been published.  It features a selection of papers initially presented at a day-long workshop entitled "The Making, Methods and Movement of Global Refugee Policy," which preceded the Refugee Studies Centre's 30th anniversary conference on the theme of "Understanding Global Refugee Policy."  [Note: This issue of RSQ drew from papers presented at the latter meeting.]

Contents of vol. 27, no. 4, Dec. 2014 include:
  • Introduction: Understanding Global Refugee Policy [free full-text]
  • Lessons from the Global Public Policy Literature for the Study of Global Refugee Policy [extract] [ResearchGate] [related working paper]
  • Building Consensus within UNHCR’s Executive Committee: Global Refugee Norms in the Making [abstract]
  • Whither Policy? Southern African Perspectives on Understanding Law, ‘Refugee’ Policy and Protection [abstract] [full-text via Academia.edu]
  • Can Global Refugee Policy Leverage Durable Solutions? Lessons from Tanzania’s Naturalization of Burundian Refugees [abstract]
  • International Refugee Law and Refugee Policy: The Case of Deterrence Policies [abstract] [preprint]
  • The Bali Process and Global Refugee Policy in the Asia–Pacific Region [abstract] [full-text via Oppenheimer Chair]

As the introduction notes, the pre-conference workshop also "called for the establishment of a network of researchers working on various aspects of global refugee policy." The Global Refugee Policy Network was launched in Dec. 2012 and is hosted by the Refugee Research Network (RRN).  Its aim is to stimulate more dialogue and collaboration on research relating to global refugee policy.  The network's web site provides concrete examples of 1) global refugee policy, 2) some of the research that is being undertaken in this area, and 3) the methodological approaches used for this type of research.  It also features a Collaboration Forum to connect people who are working on similar issues.

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