18 December 2014

Thematic Focus: General


International Migrants' Day, 18 December 2014 [info]
- See also updated data for IOM's Missing Migrants Project and related Amnesty International statement.


International Migrant Population by Country of Origin and Destination (MPI, Dec. 2014) [access]
- Follow link for map.

Love of Women and a Place in the World: Romantic Love and Political Commitment in the Life of a Forced Migrant, Oxford, 12 Nov. 2014 [access]
- Follow link for podcast.

Managing Disasters and Conflicts in OIC Countries (Islamic Development Bank, 2014) [text via PreventionWeb]

Persecuted by Structural Violence: Problematizing the Field of Forced Migration, Bachelor Thesis (Malmö University, Nov. 2014) [text]

Population Displacement: Displacement in the Aftermath of Nuclear Weapon Detonation Events, ILPI-UNIDIR Vienna Conference Series, Paper no. 4 (ILPI-UNIDIR, 2014) [text]

Sans Papiers: The Social and Economic Lives of Young Undocumented Migrants, Oxford, 21 Nov. 2014 [access]
- Follow link for podcast.

Top 10 Migration Issues of the Year (Migration Information Source, Dec. 2014) [access]
- As of this writing, issues 4-10 have been posted; view the rest tomorrow.

Web site:

Asylum Network Research Matchmaker [access]
- "[A]llows organisations that work with migrants and researchers (that is students and academics) to connect with each other to ensure that the research that students and academics carry out about migration is useful and interesting to both these organisations and to migrants themselves." For more info., read this blog post.

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