11 December 2014

News: Eritrea COI Report Controversy

Last month, the Danish Immigration Service issued a fact-finding report entitled "Eritrea: Drivers and Root Causes of Emigration, National Service and the Possibility of Return."  The report suggested in part "that the human rights situation in Eritrea may not be as bad as rumoured and that Denmark should no longer offer blanket asylum to Eritreans fleeing compulsory – and often time indefinite – military service."

However, the well-known academic Gaim Kibreab, who was used as a source, has since complained that he was misquoted and has asked to be "dissociated" from the report. A number of other organizations also heavily criticized the report's findings (see, e.g., Amnesty International Denmark).

Subsequently, the DIS issued a press release indicating that it had reconsidered its position regarding Eritrean deserters in light of reactions to the report. However, as AI Denmark notes, the report has not been officially retracted.

This update from Refugees Welcome provides a summary of the controversy.

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