17 December 2014

Update on Eritrea COI Report Controversy

(Please note that I don't speak Danish and Google Translate is a bit cumbersome to use, so this is just a brief update with links to items that appear to be relevant - but I may have overlooked some!)

The Danish Parliament's Committee on Immigration and Integration Affairs will hold a public consultation on 18 December 2014 to discuss the Danish Immigration Service's fact-finding mission report on Eritrea (see this earlier post for background). Here is the agenda and the appendices.

Among the appendices are various documents submitted by the Immigration Service to the committee (including a letter from UNHCR giving its perspective on the report).

The DIS has also produced a revised version of the report to accommodate Prof. Kibreab's request to be dissociated from it.

*See also the views of Human Rights Watch in advance of the inquiry.


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