05 December 2014

Regional Focus: Asia

"Conflict, Forced Displacement and Health in Sri Lanka: A Review of the Research Landscape," Conflict and Health, 8:22 (Nov. 2014) [open access]

Migrant Smuggling in Asia: An Annotated Bibliography, vol. 2 (UNODC, Oct. 2014) [text]

One Year after Super-Typhoon Devastates the Philippines, Resettling Displaced People Creates New Opportunities and Risks (RI Blog, Dec. 2014) [text]

Repatriation through a Trust-based Lens: Refugee-state Trust Relations on the Thai-Burma Border and Beyond, Working Paper, no. 104 (RSC, Nov. 2014) [text]

The Unified Screening Mechanism: Hong Kong to Assess Refugee Claims Alongside Torture Claims (Oxford Human Rights Hub, Nov. 2014) [text]

Why Malaysia Should Ratify the International Refugee Convention (Malaysian Insider, Nov. 2014) [text]

Workshop Report: Durable Solutions in Zamboanga, 1-2 Oct. 2014 [text via ReliefWeb]

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