27 January 2016

CFPs/Free Content/New Issues of Disasters, Intl. Migr., JEMS, J. Intercult. Stud., JIMI, OASIS, OxMo, Perceptions, Torture J.


Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration [info]
- Articles sought for next issue; deadline is 29 February 2016.

International Journal of Middle East Studies [info]
- Articles sought for special issue on "Forced Displacement and Refugees." Submission deadline is 22 April 2016.

New issues:

Disasters, vol. 40, no. 1 (Jan. 2016) [free full-text]
- Mix of articles.

International Migration, vol. 54, no. 1 (Feb. 2016) [free full-text]
- Mix of articles, including "'Wiping the Refugee Dust from My Feet': Advantages and Burdens of Refugee Status and the Refugee Label" and "The Economy of Seeking Asylum in the Global City."

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 42, no. 1 (2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles, including "Risky Business and Geographies of Refugee Capitalism in the Somali Migrant Economy of Gauteng, South Africa." Several articles are freely available.

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 42, no. 1 (2016) [free full-text]
- Special issue on "The Socio-Cultural Integration of Muslims in Western Europe: Comparative Perspectives."

Journal of Intercultural Studies (Jan. 2016) [free full-text]
- Virtual special issue on "Researching Refugees and Asylum Seekers"; access is free until 30 April 2016.

Journal of International Migration and Integration, vol. 17, no. 1 (Feb. 2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles, including "In Their Own Words: Mental Health and Quality of Life of West African Refugees in Nigeria" and "Involuntary Return Migration and Reintegration: The Case of Ghanaian Migrant Workers from Libya."

*OASIS, no. 22 (Julio-Diciembre 2015) [open access]
- "Esta edición especial, tiene como dossier temático el estudio de la migración internacional con importantes aportes académicos de investigadores en Colombia, Chile y Argentina."

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 5, no. 2 (Dec. 2015) [full-text]
- Includes articles on Australia, the UK, and Syrians in Jordan, among others.

Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs, vol. XX, no. 1 (Spring 2015) [full-text]
- Features selected presentations from a conference held in Istanbul in Dec. 2013 on "Humanitarian Diplomacy: Theory and Perspectives from the Field."

Torture Journal, vol. 25, no. 2 (2015) [full-text]
- Mix of articles, including "Geographical Distribution of Torture: An Epidemiological Study of Torture Reported by Asylum Applicants Examined at the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen."

Free content:

Human Rights Day (Oxford Journals) [access]
- "We’re celebrating Human Rights Month from December through the start of 2016 and, in reflection of current human rights issues, we’ve worked with the editors of our law and social science titles to identify relevant, recent articles which are free to read until the end of April, 2016."


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