08 January 2016

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

"Challenges to the Right to Work in Ecuador," Forced Migration Review, no. 51 (Jan. 2016) [open access]

The Economic Impact of Syrian Refugees on Host Countries: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Turkey, Presentation at 2016 Annual Meeting of Allied Social Science Associations, San Francisco, 3-5 Jan. 2016 [access]

"Economic Reintegration of Returnees in Liberia," Forced Migration Review, no. 51 (Jan. 2016) [open access]

"The Fiscal Cost of Refugee Immigration: The Example of Sweden," Population and Development Review, vol. 41, no. 4 (Dec. 2015) [free full-text]
- See also related World Economic Forum blog post.

Humanitarian Assistance and the Politics of Self-reliance: Uganda's Nakivale Refugee Settlement, CIGI Paper, no. 86 (Centre for International Governance Innovation, Dec. 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Integration of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Labour Market, a Belgian Case Study (Right to Work for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Blog, Jan. 2016) [text]

The Labor Market Effects of a Refugee Wave: Applying the Synthetic Control Method to the Mariel Boatlift, NBER Working Paper, no. 21801 (National Bureau of Economic Research, Dec. 2015) [info]
- Note access specifications. See also related data set and Media Matters blog post.

Return Migration and Economic Outcomes in the Conflict Context, HiCN Working Paper, no. 203 (Households in Conflict Network, Dec. 2015) [text via SSRN]

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