26 January 2016

Regional Focus: Africa

"Accountability for Forced Displacement in Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda Before the International Criminal Court," African Journal of International Criminal Justice (Forthcoming) [eprint via SSRN]

Citizenship Law in Africa: A Comparative Study, 3rd ed. (Open Society Foundations, 2016) [text via Refworld] [text via African Minds]

Irregular Migration in Horn of Africa Increases in 2015 (IOM, Jan. 2016) [text]

Living on the Margins: Refugees and the Search for Belonging (Africa at LSE Blog, Jan. 2016) [text]
- Part of a blog series on "African Perspectives on Migration."

"An Outlook on the Conflict in Casamance with a Focus on the Legal Situation of the Mouvement des Forces Démocratiques and its Members," Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution, vol. 23, no.1 (2015) [full-text via MigRefLaw Blog]

Refugees and Regional Tensions: Notes from Northeast Nigeria’s Crisis (IPI Global Observatory, Jan. 2016) [text]

Review of the Home Office’s Eritrea Country Information and Guidance 2015 (Independent Advisory Group on Country Information, Nov. 2015) [text] [appendix] [appendix]
- See also the Home Office's response to the IAGCI review and related Guardian news story.

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