14 January 2016

Thematic Focus: Mental Health


Epidemiology of Mental Health, Suicide and Posttraumatic Stress Disorders among Bhutanese Refugees in Ohio, 2014 (Ohio Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Services & Community Refugee and Immigration Services, April 2015) [text]

"A First Assessment of the Needs of Young Refugees Arriving in Europe: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know," European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, vol. 25, no. 1 (Jan. 2016) [full-text]

"Migration Mental Health Issues in Europe: The Case of Greece," European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, vol. 25, no. 1 (Jan. 2016) [full-text via ESCAP]

No Safe Haven Here: Mental Health Assessment of Women and Children Held in U.S. Immigration Detention (UUSC, Oct. 2015) [text]

"Suffering Has No Race or Nation: The Psychological Impact of the Refugee Crisis in Hungary and the Occurrence of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder," Social Sciences, vol. 4, no. 4 (Nov. 2015) [open access]

"Validation of a Brief Mental Health Screener for Karen Refugees in Primary Care," Family Practice, Advance Access, 26 Nov. 2015 [full-text via CVT]

Walking Together: A Mental Health Therapist's Guide to Working with Refugees (Lutheran Community Services Northwest, July 2015) [text]


Refugee Trauma (National Child Traumatic Stress Network) [access]
- "Our updated website provides the most current information about refugee youth experiences and needs; guidance for providers from various service systems on the healthy adjustment of refugee youth; and access to tools, training, and resources related to refugees."

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