10 May 2016

New Issue of Refuge

A new issue of Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees has been published. As explained in the introduction, the aim of this special issue is as follows:

"The articles in this special issue examine and explore the voices and aesthetic expressions of the displaced and dispossessed as a means of understanding the effects of displacement in terms other than those of the nation-state. They set out to recognize and investigate the frequently silenced voices of forced migrants who exhibit adaptability, resilience, longing, and resistance in the grey zones and borderlands between states and state bureaucracies."

Articles in vol. 32, no. 1 (2016) include:

  • Introduction: Refugee Voices: Exploring the Border Zones between States and State Bureaucracies
  • Displacements of Memory
  • Human Rights and Refugee Protest against Immigration Detention: Refugees’ Struggles for Recognition as Human
  • Narrating “Home”: Experiences of German Expellees after the Second World War
  • Between Law and the Nation State: Novel Representations of the Refugee
  • "We raise up the voice of the voiceless": Voice, Rights, and Resistance amongst Congolese Human Rights Defenders in Uganda
  • "Refugee Voices," New Social Media and Politics of Representation: Young Congolese in the Diaspora and Beyond
  • How KANERE Free Press Resists Biopower

Five book reviews are also featured.

Refuge is an open access journal, so the full-texts of all articles are freely available.

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