19 May 2016

Thematic Focus: Education

"Beyond Space of Exception? Reflections on the Camp through the Prism of Refugee Schools," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Access, 3 Dec. 2015 [free full-text]

Education and Forced Displacement: How Can Technology Make a Difference?, Webinar, 18 May 2016 [info]
- Follow link for recordings and presentations.

Iraq: Baseline Assessment for Education Cash Transfer Programming for IDPs in Dahuk Governorate (UNICEF & REACH, April 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Learning Problems in Children of Refugee Background: A Systematic Review," Pediatrics (May 2016) [abstract]
- See also related Reuters news story and Science Daily overview.

Let Us Learn: A Case Study of Delivering Adaptive Education and Protection in Emergency Programmes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (World Vision, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Losing Identity during the Refugee Crisis: The Difference between Assimilation and Integration in the Classroom," The Atlantic, 16 May 2016 [text]

*No More Excuses: Provide Education to all Forcibly Displaced People, Policy Paper, no. 26 (UNESCO & UNHCR, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

*Overview: Refugees and Adult Education in Europe (EPALE, May 2016) [text]

Providing Hope, Investing in the Future: Education in Emergencies & Protracted Crises (Jesuit Refugee Service, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Three Ways Higher Education Can Respond to the Syrian Refugee Crisis (Education + Development Blog, May 2016) [text]


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