25 May 2016

Thematic Focus: General


Call for Proposals on Forced Displacement, ESRC/AHRC [info]
- Deadline for submissions is 20 July 2016.


After the World Humanitarian Summit: Better Humanitarian-Development Cooperation for Sustainable Results on the Ground (Solutions Alliance, May 2016) [text]

Forum on New Approaches to Protracted Forced Displacement, Steyning, UK, 4-6 April 2016 [info]
- Follow link for the co-hosts' summary and the Wilton Park Principles.

Fresh Start on Advocacy for the Displaced (Refugees Deeply, May 2016) [text]
- First in a "series of commentaries for Refugees Deeply on effective advocacy for refugees and IDPs, applying [the author's] field research from 61 displacement crises across the world."

Guidance Note: A Development Approach to Migration and Displacement (UNDP, Feb. 2016) [text]

The Humanitarian Quest for Accountability: Examining the Role of UNHCR (IntLawGrrls, May 2016) [text]

IOM-NGO Humanitarian Consultations, Geneva, 30 June 2015 (IOM & ICVA, April 2016) [text]
- Follow link for last year's report. The 2016 meeting will be held 13 June 2016.

Maintaining Public Trust in the Governance of Migration (Migration Policy Institute, May 2016) [text]

Measuring Well-governed Migration: The 2016 Migration Governance Index (IOM &Economist Intelligence Unit, May 2016) [text]

Shifting to the Long Term: New Approach Needed to Deal with Protracted Refugee Crises (IRIN, May 2016) [text]

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