05 September 2016

New ETDs/Student Papers - Pt. 1

The Application of the "Geneva Convention Relating the Status of Refugees" to Third-country Nationals from Post-war Areas: An Analysis of the Application of the Concept of "Refugee" as Laid Down by the Geneva Convention and the Qualification Directive on Third-Country Nationals from Post-war Areas, Bachelor essay (University of Twente, 2016) [text]

Asylum and Irregular Immigration Policy Preferences in the European Parliament: Automated Content Analysis of Plenary Speeches from 2004-2014 using Wordfish, Thesis (Roskilde University, June 2016) [text]

The Challenges Facing the Syrian Refugees in Integrating in the German Society and Labor Market in Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 2015/2016, Thesis (Hochschule Furtwangen University, July 2016) [text]

Does the Messenger of a Common or Dual Ingroup Identity Affect the Acceptation of Refugees among Dutch Natives?, Bachelor essay (University of Twente, 2016) [text]

From Necessitous Refugees to Menacing Migrants: The Syrian Refugees and Their Depiction in the Media from September 2015 to January 2016, Thesis (Lund University, May 2016) [text]

Inclusive Education for Refugees and Asylum Seeking Children: A Systematic Literature Review, Thesis (Jönköping University, 2016) [text]

Improved Integration of Female Refugees? An Evaluation of the Establishment Reform, Thesis (Stockholm University, 2016) [text]

Integration – A Lifetime Project: Analysis of the Integration Process of Quota Refugees in Iceland, Thesis (Stockholm University, 2016) [text]

Integration into the Labor Market: Opportunities to Get Refugees to a Residence Permit - How Can the Process of Obtaining a Residence Permit for Asylum Seekers be Adjusted in Order to Facilitate Their Integration into the German Labor Market? Perspectives of Different Involved Stakeholders in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bachelor essay (University of Twente, 2016) [text]

Integration Practices in the Republic of Cyprus: The Impact of Policies on Refugees, Thesis (Roskilde University, Aug. 2016) [text]

Labour Market Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers: An Explorative Case Study Regarding the Role of Ethnic Antagonism at the Implementation Stage of a European Social Fund’s Programme in Germany, Bachelor essay (University of Twente, 2016) [text]

"This is not my place": Male Syrian Refugees Negotiating Their National Identity, Thesis (Lund University, 2016) [text]

Threat Caused by the Establishment of Accommodations for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Fact or Fiction? A Cross-sectional Study into the Impact of the Process of Establishment of Accommodations for Asylum Seekers and Refugees on the Perception of Threat by the Local Population, Bachelor essay (University of Twente, 2016) [text]

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