09 September 2016

Regional Focus: Europe

Admissibility, Responsibility and Safety in European Asylum Procedures (AIDA, Sept. 2016) [text]

"EASO, EU Law and Life in the Margins," Rights in Exile Newsletter, no. 73 (Sept. 2016) [full-text]

"The European Border and Coast Guard: A New Model Built on an Old Logic," European Papers: A Journal on Law and Integration, vol. 1, no. 2 (2016) [open access]

Fewer Refugees Entering Europe Than in 2015, but Asylum Backlog Still Growing (Pew Research, Sept. 2016) [text]

Humiliated, Ill-treated and Without Protection: Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Bulgaria (Pro Asyl, Dec. 2015) [text via Reliefweb]

Implementation of EU Readmission Agreements: Identity Determination Dilemmas and the Blurring of Rights (Springer, Aug. 2016) [open access]

Mediterranean Missing: Understanding Needs of Families and Obligations of Authorities (City University London, IOM & Univ. of York) [access]
- Follow the link to access the following reports: 1) Missing Migrants in the Mediterranean: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis; 2) Missing Migrants: Management of Dead Bodies in Lesbos - Greek Country Report; 3) 'Like a part of a puzzle which is missing': The Impact on Families of a Relative Missing in Migration across the Mediterranean; 4) Dead and Missing Migrants: The Obligations of European States under International Human Rights Law.

"Minimalist Reflections on Europe, Refugees and Law," European Papers: A Journal on Law and Integration, vol. 1, no. 2 (2016) [open access]

Needed In Europe: A Comprehensive Plan of Action on Refugees (Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law, Aug. 2016) [text]

Reform of the Dublin System [EU Legislation in Progress] (EPRS, Aug. 2016) [text]

Third Progress Report on the Implementation of the Durable Solutions Process (Sarajevo Process) for Refugees from Croatia Displaced by the 91-95 Conflict, including Cessation of Refugee Status (UNHCR, Aug. 2016) [text]

Troubled Waters (IRIN, Aug. 2016) [text]

"Why Are You Keeping Me Here?": Unaccompanied Children Detained in Greece (Human Rights Watch, Sept. 2016) [text]

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