06 January 2014

Information Trends in 2013

1.  New journals

2013 was definitely a banner year for new journals.  Happily, most adopted open access models for making their articles available online in full-text at no cost.  Titles include:
  • Journal of Comparative Migration Studies (Amsterdam Univ. Press) [access]
  • Journal of Human Rights in the Commonwealth (Univ. of London) [access]
  • Journal on Migration and Human Security (Center for Migration Studies) [access]
  • Migration Studies (Oxford Univ. Press) [access]
  • Refugee Review (New Scholars Network) [access]

And look for these two titles to appear at some point this year:
  • International Journal of Migration and Border Studies (Inderscience Publishers) [info]
  • Journal on Education in Emergencies (INEE) [info]

A list of established periodicals in the forced migration field is available here.

2.  New Book Series

2013 also saw the launch of the following new book series:
  • Humanitarian Solutions in the 21st Century (Springer) [access]
  • International Refugee Law Series (Brill) [access]
  • Migration Studies (Springer) [access]
  • Routledge Humanitarian Studies (Routledge) [access]

Two additional series to look forward to this year are:
  • Religion and Global Migrations (Palgrave Macmillan) [info]
  • Routledge Research in Asylum, Migration and Refugee Law (Routledge) [info]

Other series are highlighted here.

3.  New Databases

Certain types of European legal materials became easier to access in 2013 with the production of the following new databases:
  • Asylum Information Database (ECRE et al.) [access]
  • European Migration Law (EuropeanMigrationLaw.eu) [access]
  • Protection against Statelessness Database (EUDO Observatory on Citizenship) [access]

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