22 January 2014

Tip of the Week! More on Finding Images

An addendum to this earlier tip:  Check out this blog post, "No More Bullet Points: Finding the 'Right' Creative Commons Images for Presentations" for some good suggestions on how to come up with keywords to locate images when searching user-generated sites like Flickr.

I wanted to find some photos of refugees reading.  Using Flickr's advanced search page, I searched variously for the following terms paired with "refugees": books, reading, school, literacy, learning, and limiting each search to "Creative Commons-licensed content" (i.e., free to reuse).

Here are some of the results (note the non-standard formats for descriptions and tags):

"refugees and books"
  • Children at the Soba Refugee Camp (Book Aid International) [access]
  • Darfurian Refugees in Eastern Chad (ECHO) [access]
  • EU Nobel Peace Prize in Ethiopia (ECHO) [access]
  • The Long Shadow of the War in Iraq... (ECHO) [access]
  • Laos_DSC3827 (Rusty Stewart) [access]

"refugees and library"
  • This search turned up some photos of library displays on refugee issues in Australia; see one from the Brisbane campus, one from the Canberra campus, and one from the Strathfield campus of Australian Catholic University.

"refugees and school"
  • UNRWA School Graffiti (Silvio Arcangeli) [access]

Once you find one photo, it's worth browsing the other images in the same collection.  So, for example, Book Aid International and ECHO above have a number of relevant pictures that I was able to identify just through serendipity.

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