24 September 2014

New ETDs - Pt. 1

(ETD = Electronic Theses & Dissertations)

"The Capital of the Poor": The Meaning of Social Capital for Internally Displaced Persons in Bogotá, Thesis (Utrecht University, 2014) [text]

Designing Stories, Bridging Success: Multimodal Digital Storytelling with At-Risk Immigrant and Refugee Students, Thesis (University of British Columbia, Sept. 2014) [text]

Internal Displacement and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Colombia and the Rest of the World, Thesis (RMIT University, Jan. 2014) [text]

A Mixed-methods Exploration: Refugees' Caring Relationships as a Source of Social Capital, Dissertation (University of Maryland, 2014) [text]

Representing Refugees: Canadian Newspapers’ Portrayals of Refugees of El Salvador’s Civil War, 1980-1992, Thesis (University of Manitoba/University of Winnipeg, Sept. 2014) [text]

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