06 November 2015

Events & Opportunities: More Nov. 2015/New Dec. 2015

Nov. 2015:

Job announcement: Research Associate, The Institute for the Study of International Migration [info]
- Posted 3 Nov.; no application deadline indicated.

Symposium: From Temporary Protection to Permanent Settlement: Challenges to the Integration of Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Evanstan, IL, 9 November 2015 [info]

Webinar: Is There a Refugee Crisis in Europe or Just a Crisis in Protection?, 12 November 2015 [info]
- To participate, sign up by 11 November 2015.

Seminar: The Syrian Refugee Crisis, Reflections from the Region, Toronto, 12 November 2015 [info]

CFP: Critical Approaches to Irregular Migration Facilitation: Dismantling the Human Smuggler Narrative, Florence, Italy, April 7-8, 2016 [info]
- Submit abstracts by 15 November 2015.

CFP: "Coping with Crisis: Refugees in Eastern African Camps and Cities," Panel at British International Studies Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh, 15-17 June 2016 [info]
- Submit abstracts by 17 November 2015.

Seminar: Security and Migration Dilemma in Insurgency-Affected Areas of Nigeria, Toronto, 17 November 2015 [info]

Discussion Panel: The United States Refugee Resettlement Program: A Global Model for Successful Humanitarian Response?, Evanstan, IL, 3 December 2015 [info]
- Register by 19 November 2015.

Conference: Children and Young People on the Move: Towards a More Precise Definition of Their Best Interests, Portoro┼ż, Slovenia, 19-20 November 2015 [info]

Conference: Canadian Council for Refugees Fall Consultation, Hamilton, 26-28 November 2015 [info]

Dec. 2015:

Seminar: Creating a New Knowledge Network for Refugee Higher Education but How?, Toronto, 1 December 2015 [info]

Training: Country of Origin Information Blended Learning Course [info]
- Includes online training from 8 Feb.-4 March 2016 and face-to-fact meeting in Vienna on 10 March 2016. Apply by 8 December 2015.

Conference: 32nd International Conference of the Red Cross/Red Crescent, Geneva, 8-10 December 2015 [info]
- The theme is "Power of Humanity."

Workshop: The Syrian Humanitarian Disaster: Understanding Perceptions, Aspirations and Behaviour in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, Oxford, 9 December 2015 [info]

Winter Short Courses: CMRS, 24 January-11 February 2016 [info]
 - Three courses offered: 1. Designing Research with Urban Displaced Populations in MENA Region; 2. International Refugee Law; 3. Euro-Mediterranean Refugee and Migration Crisis: Origins, Effects, Responses; application deadline for all courses is 15 December 2015.

Research: 2016 Student Essay Contest [info]
- Submit paper by 31 December 2015.

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