07 November 2015

News: 10th Anniversary of FM-CAB!

Source: Wikipedia
This blog is now 10 years old!  When I first launched it, I had no particular timeframe in mind for its lifespan. I had always wanted to provide this kind of information service, but not being a very technical person, it wasn't until blogging platforms became more widely available that I could seriously consider undertaking it. And once upon a time, it was a bit more challenging to find and access full-text information!  That is much less true today: Now, we tend to assume an item *must* be online!  And very often it is!

Yet information gaps persist: Sometimes it may be because something has not been posted online; very often, though, an item *is* online but it's just not easy to find even with the myriad search tools we have at our disposal.  So I think that a primary role remains for this blog with regard to tracking down elusive information. I intend to focus a bit more on open access eprints and journal articles than I have in the past, since I believe this type of content still falls through search engine cracks and is not always on researchers' information radar.

I hope this service continues to be useful to you - at least for another 10 years!

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