19 November 2015

Regional Focus: U.S. Resettlement & Syrian Refugees

Commentary, factsheets and other resources that respond to fears about the resettlement of Syrian and other Muslim refugees to the U.S.:

Background Briefing on Refugee Screening and Admissions (U.S. State Dept., Nov. 2015) [text]
- *See also this additional special briefing from the State Dept. on the screening process.

In Defense of Muslim Refugees (The Asylumist, Nov. 2015) [text]

Refugee Resettlement: Security Screening Information (Human Rights First, Nov. 2015) [text]

Science Proves Empathy Could Change the Entire Debate about Refugees (Huffington Post, Nov. 2015) [text]
- Cites this study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Security Screening of Refugees Admitted to the United States: A Detailed Rigorous Process (USCRI, 2015?) [text]

"Show This Chart to Everyone Who’s Scared of Allowing Syrian Refugees into the U.S.," Fusion, 17 Nov. 2015 [text]

"Syrian Refugees Already Faced Difficulty to Reach the US," Boston Globe, 18 Nov. 2015 [access]
- Follow link for podcast and partial transcript.

"They Are Us," New York Times, 19 Nov. 2015 [text]

*The U.S. State Governors and the Syrian Refugees (RefLaw, Nov. 2015) [text]

*"Why It Takes Two Years for Syrian Refugees to Enter the U.S.," New York Times, 20 Nov. 2015 [text]

WSJ Video: The Long Path to Protection for Syrian Refugees (Human Rights First, Nov. 2015) [access]
- Follow link for video.

Additional links are provided in this Human Rights First blog post and *this ImmigrationProf blog post.

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