18 November 2015

News: New Edition of Survey of Palestinian Refugees and IDPs

BADIL has published the 8th volume of its Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, covering the years 2013-2015. The publication explores "the substantive elements of displacement and the methods employed in the displacement of Palestinians – both historically and contemporarily – as well as the international framework of protection for refugees in general, with a particular focus on the framework uniquely applicable to Palestinian refugees. Further, the ‘protection gap’ and its consequent impacts on Palestinian Refugees will be explored throughout the survey, conducted on a sample group of over 3000 refugees from 24 refugee camps."

Chapters provide historical background, a description of host country profiles, statistical data on the scope and characteristics of Palestinian displacement, and a detailed analysis of the framework for international protection. For the first time, the survey also includes a chapter on "Palestinian refugees’ perceptions and knowledge of international protection of refugees, and that of Palestinian refugees in particular."

Previous editions can be accessed via my forced migration research guide.

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