20 November 2015

Regional Focus: Europe

"A Crisis in Collective Will," Law Society Journal (Nov. 2015) [full-text via Kaldor Centre]

"Distribution of Refugees Very Uneven among EU Member States - Even When Accounting for Economic Strength and Total Population," DIW Economic Bulletin, vol. 5, no. 39 (2015) [full-text via ECONSTOR]

Europe's Refugee Crisis: Hospitality and its Discontents, Washington, DC, 18 Nov. 2015 [info]
- Follow link for video.

Impacts of Forced Migrations: The German Case - History, Historical Research, and Policies of Remembrance, Oxford, 30 Oct. 2015 [info]
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Joint UNHCR, IOM, and UNICEF Statement on New Border Restrictions in the Balkans (Nov. 2015) [text]

Measures to Address the Refugee Crisis: State of Play (European Commission, Nov. 2015) [text]

Migrants in the Mediterranean: Protecting Human Rights (European Parliament, Oct. 2015) [text via ECRE]

Transitioning from Direct Provision to Life in the Community: The Experiences of Those Who Have Been Granted Refugee Status, Subsidiary Protection or 'Leave to Remain' in Ireland, Submission to the Taskforce on Transitional Supports for Persons Granted Status in Direct Provision (Irish Refugee Council, Sept. 2015) [text]

Vers un Renforcement du "Droit" à une Procédure Equitable des Demandeurs d’Asile et une Meilleure Prise en Compte de leurs Traumatismes?, Lettres Actualités Droits-Libertés, 8 Mai 2015 [text]

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