02 November 2015

New Book Titles

Please visit my Pinterest page to learn about new books due out in November 2015. I've also added information about a few new titles to the October 2015 book board.

If you are not a member of Pinterest, these new titles are listed below for your reference (organized by title).

November 2015:

Tahir Zaman, Islamic Traditions of Refuge in the Crises of Iraq and Syria, Palgrave Macmillan, Nov. 2015

Zeynep Sezgin & Dennis Dijkzeul, eds., The New Humanitarians in International Practice: Emerging Actors and Contested Principles, Routledge, Nov. 2015

Anne Decobert, The Politics of Aid to Burma: A Humanitarian Struggle on the Thai-Burmese Border, Routledge, Nov. 2015

Helen Taylor, Refugees and the Meaning of Home: Cypriot Narratives of Loss, Longing and Daily Life in London, Palgrave Macmillan, Nov. 2015

Nanette Svenson, The United Nations as a Knowledge System, Routledge, Nov. 2015

October 2015:

Francesca Pusterla, The European Union and Humanitarian Crises: Patterns of Intervention, Ashgate, Oct. 2015

Gilles Carbonnier, Humanitarian Economics: War, Disaster and the Global Aid Market, Hurst & Co. Publishers, Oct. 2015

Kerstin Rosenow-Williams & Fran├žois Gemenne, eds., Organizational Perspectives on Environmental Migration, Routledge, Oct. 2015

Kathleen Valtonen, Social Work and Integration in Immigrant Communities: Framing the Field, Ashgate, Oct. 2015

Paula Banerjee, Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury & Atig Ghosh, The State of Being Stateless: An Account of South Asia, Orient BlackSwan, Oct. 2015

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