23 November 2015

Thematic Focus: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

"Contentious Human Rights Education: The Case of Professional Development Programs on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity-based Refugee Protection," Chapter in Human Rights Education: Theory, Research & Praxis (Forthcoming 2015) [eprint via Columbia Univ. IR]

"Discrimination or Persecution? A Focus on LGBT Applicants for Asylum," The Researcher, vol. 10, no. 2 (Oct. 2015) [full-text via Refworld]

Envisioning LGBT Refugee Rights in Canada: Is Canada a Safe Haven? (York University, Sept. 2015) [access]
- Scroll down for report and executive summary.

"Freedom to Be: Assessing the Claims of LGBTQ Asylum Seekers," Socio-Legal Review, vol. 10 (2014) [full-text] [eprint via Academia.edu]
- Scroll to p. 35; part of the Proceedings of the Conference on Gender and Sexuality.

"L’Orientation Sexuelle Comme Motif de Persécution Doit Etre Appréciée dans la Dignité," Lettres Actualités Droits-Libertés, 15 Janvier 2015 [text]

Obama Administration Makes Refugee Program More LGBT-Inclusive (Center for American Progress, Oct. 2015) [text]

"Reconciling Three Countries’ Current Laws with Human Rights in the Face of International Law," Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law, vol. 20, no. 1 (2014) [full-text]


Credibility Assessment and Protection Suite (ORAM) [info]
- Copies can be pre-ordered.

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