04 October 2016

Thematic Focus: Development-induced Displacement


Dams and Displacement, Providence, RI, 18 October 2016 [info]
- Details have not yet been posted.

Development-induced Displacement, Providence, RI, 6 December 2016 [info]
- Details have not yet been posted. Both of these events are part of the year-long "Displacement and the Making of the Modern World" project at Brown University's Watson Institute.


"After the Deluge: The Longer Term Impacts of the Three Gorges Dam," World Development, vol. 84  (Aug. 2016) [full-text via ResearchGate]

Guidelines on Compulsory Displacement and Resettlement in USAID Programming (USAID, May 2016) [text]

Involuntary Resettlement, Emerging Lessons Series, no. 1 (World Bank Inspection Panel, April 2016) [text]
- See also related video and blog post.

Pushed Aside: Displaced for "Development" in India (IDMC, July 2016) [text]
- See also related blog post.

"The Social Impacts of Dams: A New Framework for Scholarly Analysis," Environmental Impact Assessment Review, vol. 60 (Sept. 2016) [preprint via ResearchGate]

Strengthening Country Safeguard Systems for the Protection of Displaced Persons, Building Country Safeguard Systems, Briefing Note, no. 3 (Asian Development Bank, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Structure and Agency in Development-Induced Forced Migration: The Case of Brazil's Belo Monte Dam," Population and Environment, vol. 37, no. 3 (March 2016) [abstract]
- See also related conference paper.

"Types of Integration and Depressive Symptoms: A Latent Class Analysis on the Resettled Population for the Three Gorges Dam Project, China," Social Science & Medicine, vol. 157 (May 2016) [full-text via ResearchGate]

"The Weakness of Resettlement Safeguards in Mining," Forced Migration Review, no. 52 (May 2016) [open access]

When Development Becomes a Curse: Displacements and Destroyed Livelihoods (The Conversation, Aug. 2016) [text]

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