01 October 2016

New Book Titles

Please visit my Pinterest page to learn about new books due out in October 2016. I have also included additional titles on the August and September 2016 book boards.

If you are not a member of Pinterest, these new titles are listed below for your reference (organized by title).

October 2016:

Chen Reis & Tania Bernath, Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oct. 2016

Stephen R. Porter, Benevolent Empire: U.S. Power, Humanitarianism, and the World's Dispossessed, University of Pennsylvania Press, Oct. 2016

Cecilia Jacob & Alistair D.B. Cook, eds., Civilian Protection in the Twenty-First Century: Governance and Responsibility in a Fragmented World, Oxford University Press, Oct. 2016

Alex Sager, ed., The Ethics and Politics of Immigration: Core Issues and Emerging Trends, Rowman & Littlefield, Oct. 2016

Paolo Gaibazzi, Stephan Dünnwald & Alice Bellagamba, eds., EurAfrican Borders and Migration Management: Political Cultures, Contested Spaces, and Ordinary Lives, Palgrave Macmillan, Oct. 2016

Ayselin Gözde Yildiz, The European Union's Immigration Policy: Managing Migration in Turkey and Morocco, Palgrave Macmillan, Oct. 2016

Jennifer B. Saunders, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh & Susanna Snyder, eds., Intersections of Religion and Migration: Issues at the Global Crossroads, Palgrave Macmillan, Oct. 2016

Sophia Hoffmann, Iraqi Migrants in Syria: The Crisis before the Storm, Syracuse University Press, Oct. 2016

Greg Burgess, The League of Nations and the Refugees from Nazi Germany: James G. McDonald and Hitler's Victims, Bloomsbury, Oct. 2016

Sarah Deardorff Miller, Political and Humanitarian Responses to Syrian Displacement, Routledge, Oct. 2016

Jennifer Hyndman & Wenona Giles, Refugees in Extended Exile: Living on the Edge, Routledge, Oct. 2016

Reece Jones, Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move, Verso Books, Oct. 2016

September 2016:

Andrew Geddes & Peter Scholten, The Politics of Migration and Immigration in Europe, Sage Publishing, Sept. 2016

William Maley, What is a Refugee?, Hurst Publishers, Sept. 2016

August 2016:

Deirdre Conlon & Nancy Hiemstra, eds., Intimate Economies of Immigration Detention: Critical Perspectives, Routledge, Aug. 2016

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