20 October 2016

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

Analysis: How the Private Sector Can Help Tackle the Refugee Crisis (Refugees Deeply, Oct. 2016) [text]

Beyond Survival: Refugees' Pursuit of Livelihoods in Jordan and Lebanon (International Rescue Committee, Sept. 2016) [text]

Integrating Refugees into Host Country Labor Markets: Challenges and Policy Options (Migration Policy Institute, Oct. 2016) [text]

Language Roulette: The Effect of Random Placement on Refugees' Labour Market Integration (SSRN, Oct. 2016) [text]

Long-term Socioeconomic Implications of 'Crisis-induced' Return Migration on Countries of Origin, MICIC Research Brief (ICMPD, 2016) [text]

Moving Beyond Crisis: Germany’s New Approaches to Integrating Refugees into the Labor Market  (Migration Policy Institute, Oct. 2016) [text]

Refugee Economic Empowerment: Why It's a Great Opportunity for Jordan (World Bank, Sept. 2016) [access]
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"Refugee Women as Entrepreneurs in Australia," Forced Migration Review, no. 53 (Oct. 2016) [open access]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants on the Impact of Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements on the Human Rights of Migrants, UN Doc. no. A/HRC/32/40 (Human Rights Council, May 2016) [text via Refworld]

"Research: Refugees Can Bolster a Region’s Economy," Harvard Business Review, 5 Oct. 2016 [text]

Why Refugees Find Jobs Faster in the U.S. than Germany (CATO Blog, Oct. 2016) [text]

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