30 January 2017

New Issue of JRS

A special issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) has been published. The theme is "Refugee Migration and Local Demarcations: New Insight into European Localities." Contents of vol. 29, no. 4, Dec. 2016 include:
  • Refugee Migration and Local Demarcations: New Insight into European Localities [extract]
  • The Local Production of Asylum [abstract]
  • Deciding Refugee Settlement in Norwegian Cities: Local Administration or Party Politics? [abstract]
  • Asylum in Austere Times: Instability, Privatization and Experimentation within the UK Asylum Dispersal System [open access]
  • Learning How to Squat: Cooperation and Conflict between Refugees and Natives in Rome [abstract]
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Multiple Practices of Bordering and Degrees of ‘Transit’ in and through Turkey [abstract]
  • Bulgaria’s Response to Refugee Migration: Institutionalizing the Boundary of Exclusion [abstract] [postprint]
  • Engendering Security at the Borders of Europe: Women Migrants and the Mediterranean ‘Crisis’ [abstract]
  • Threatened or Threatening? How Ideology Shapes Asylum Seekers’ Immigration Policy Attitudes in Israel and Australia [abstract] [ResearchGate]
  • Becoming Global Citizens in the Enemy State: Young North Korean Resettlers in South Korean Secondary Schools [abstract]
Thanks to Jonathan Darling for making his article open access! This is now the third time that a JRS author has elected to use the hybrid open access option to make his/her article freely available!

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