25 January 2017

News: Share Ideas for Addressing the Refugee Crisis

A former foreign affairs minister in Canada has launched a Facebook page called "Platform to Discuss New Ideas and Solutions to the World Refugee Crisis." The welcome message notes in part that, "I'm going to convert this Facebook site into a platform for refugee/migrant issues and invite existing and new friends to join in sharing their stories, views and ideas. Hopefully this can be a way of generating a sharing of the responsibility and as well as fresh ideas on how to govern an event that is of great significance to so many."

Examples of other recent fora for eliciting ideas include:

- Brookings' discussion series on "Rights and Responsibilities: Solutions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis"

- The Middle East Institute's essay series on "Refugees Adrift? Responses to Crises in the MENA and Asia"

- openDemocracy's debate series on "The Future of Refugee Protection: What New Approaches to Meet a Growing Crisis?"

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