19 January 2017

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

"Complexity Reduction and Policy Consensus: Asylum Seekers, the Right to Work, and the 'Pull Factor' Thesis in the UK Context," The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, vol. 18, no. 4 (2016) [free full-text]
- Note: This article is freely available until the end of Jan. 2017.

Decent Work for Migrants and Refugees (ILO, Sept. 2016) [text]

From Surviving to Thriving: Inclusive Work and Economic Security for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum, Melbourne, 7 Dec. 2016 [info]
- Follow link for presentations.

Integrating Refugees: The Role of Business (World Economic Forum Blog, Jan. 2017) [text]

Labour Market Integration of Refugees: A Comparative Survey of Bosnians in Five EU Countries, CEPS Special Report, no. 155 (Centre for European Policy Studies, Dec. 2016) [text]

Migrants Help Economies to Thrive. So Why Do They Still Generate Fear? (World Economic Forum Blog, Dec. 2016) [text]

Open Borders in the European Union and Beyond: Migration Flows and Labor Market Implications, NBER Working Paper, no. 23048 (National Bureau of Economic Research, Jan. 2017) [abstract]
- See also preliminary version.

The Right to Work for Beneficiaries of International Protection (ECRE, Dec. 2016) [text]

Tripartite Technical Meeting on the Access of Refugees and Other Forcibly Displaced Persons to the Labour Market, Geneva, 5-7 July 2016 [info]
- Follow link for meeting documents, including the "Guiding Principles" that were adopted.

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