16 January 2017

Open Access Round-up: 16 Jan. 2017

For a number of years now, I have been trying to highlight scholarly Open Access (OA) content and its benefits to the forced migration research community. However, because I organize my blog posts around different themes and geographic regions, some of this content may get overlooked by visitors. Therefore, in this new year, I plan to begin sharing mini-bibliographies of the OA content I have posted to date, on roughly a semi-monthly basis. I hope this format will make it easy for you to share with any of your colleagues who aren't currently following this blog!

If you are not familiar with Open Access, please visit my other blog for an introduction.

Gold Open Access [info]

Find more Gold OA articles and journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Articles, health-related:

 "Complex Emergencies in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Impact on Tuberculosis Control," International Journal of Mycobacteriology, vol. 5, Suppl. 1 (Dec. 2016)

"Gendered Sources of Distress and Resilience among Afghan Refugees in Northern California: A Cross-Sectional Study," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(1) (Dec. 2016)

"Implementation of Audio-Computer Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI) among Adolescent Girls in Humanitarian Settings: Feasibility, Acceptability, and Lessons Learned," Conflict and Health, 10:32 (Jan. 2017)

"Is Universal Screening Necessary? Incidence of Tuberculosis among Tibetan Refugees Arriving in Calgary, Alberta," Canadian Respiratory Journal, vol. 2016, Article ID 8249843 (Dec. 2016)

"Maternal and Child Health of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine: A Qualitative Study," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(1) (Jan. 2017)

"Pre-Migration Trauma Exposure and Mental Health Functioning among Central American Migrants Arriving at the US Border," PLoS ONE, 12(1): e0168692 (Jan. 2017)

"Prevalence of Multidrug-resistant Organisms in Refugee Patients, Medical Tourists and Domestic Patients Admitted to a German University Hospital," BMC Infectious Diseases, 17:17 (Jan. 2017)

"Secondary Psychotic Features in Refugees Diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: A Retrospective Cohort Study," BMC Psychiatry, 17: 5 (Jan. 2017)

Articles, other topics:

"Exploring the Role of Ad Hoc Grassroots Organizations Providing Humanitarian Aid on Lesvos, Greece," PLoS Currents: Disasters, Edition 1 (Nov. 2016)

"Once Upon a Time in … Ethnocratic Australia: Migration, Refugees, Diversity and Contested Discourses of Inclusion," Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 8, no. 3 (2016)

"Shifting Immigration Policies in Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis across the European Union: A Case Analysis of Germany, Hungary, and Lithuania," Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union Journal, vol. 2016, Art. 9 (2016)


Australasian Journal of Disasters and Trauma Studies, vol. 20, no. 2 (Dec. 2016)
- Special issue on "People in Disasters."

German Law Journal, vol. 17, no. 6 (2016)
- Special issue on "Constitutional Dimensions of the Refugee Crisis."

Hybrid Open Access [info]:

Because these articles are published as Open Access in traditional subscription-based journals, they are not as easy to "discover" as articles published in all-OA journals. I make a point of trying to track these items down so they don't get bypassed.

"Co-producing across Organisational Boundaries: Promoting Asylum Seeker Integration in Scotland," Voluntas, OnlineFirst, 12 Dec. 2016

"The Principle of Solidarity and Fairness in Sharing Responsibility: More than Window Dressing?," European Law Journal, vol. 22, no. 4 (July 2016)

"Technologies of Displacement and Children’s Right to Asylum in Sweden," Human Rights Review, OnlineFirst, 10 Jan. 2017

"Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in Germany: Attitudes of the General Population towards a Vulnerable Group," European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, OnlineFirst, 10 Jan. 2017

"Using Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment to Trade Off Sourcing Strategies for Humanitarian Relief Items," International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, OnlineFirst, 17 Dec. 2016

Law Review Articles

While most law reviews are freely available online, they are rarely identified as Open Access. Read more about the distinction between "gratis OA" and "libre OA" in this blog post.

"Contemplating a Rebellious Approach to Representing Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in a Deportation Defense Clinic," Clinical Law Review, vol. 23, no. 1 (Fall 2016)

"The Contingency of Credibility: Gender-related Persecution, Traumatic Memory and Home Office Interviews," SOAS Law Journal, vol. 3, no. 1 (2016)

"The Mediterranean Sea and the Right to Know about the Fate of Missing Relatives: Access to Justice for Families of Missing Migrants," SOAS Law Journal, vol. 3, no. 1 (2016)

"The Recognition of Refugees Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the UK: An Overview of Law and Procedure," Birkbeck Law Review, vol. 4, no. 1 (2016)

"'Unique Identities and Vulnerabilities': The Case for Transgender Identity as a Basis for Asylum," Cornell Law Review, vol. 102, no. 1 (2016)

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