30 June 2015

New ETDs - Pt. 2(a)

All of these ETDs were prepared by students based at Swedish academic institutions.

Challenging the Principle of Solidarity in the Common European Asylum System: Towards a More Comprehensive Approach to Sharing Asylum Responsibilities, Thesis (Lund University, Spring 2015) [text]

Credibility Assessment of Testimony in Asylum Procedures: An Interdisciplinary Analysis, Thesis (Lund University, Spring 2015) [text]

Frontex and the Right to Seek Asylum: A Critical Discourse Analysis, One year Master's thesis (Malmö University, Spring 2015) [text]

Human Trafficking in the Sinai Desert: A Case Study of Egypt, Thesis (Uppsala University, Spring 2015) [text]

Knocking on Europe's Door: Investigating Modes of Governing and the Principle of Solidarity as EU Member States Respond to the Asylum Pressure on its Southern Borders, Thesis (Lund University, May 2015) [text]

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