09 June 2015

New Issue of JRS

The latest issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) has been published. Contents of vol. 28, no. 2, June 2015 include:
  • Stuck in Transit: Secondary Migration of Asylum Seekers in Europe, National Differences, and the Dublin Regulation [abstract] [ResearchGate] [related paper] [related presentation]
  • The Tactics of Time and Status: Young People’s Experiences of Building Futures while Subject to Immigration Control in Britain [abstract]
  • Forced Up or Down? The Impact of Forced Migration on Social Status [abstract]
  • Local Faith Communities and the Promotion of Resilience in Contexts of Humanitarian Crisis [abstract] [related working paper]
  • The Invisible Displaced: A Unified Conceptualization of Population Displacement in Brazil [abstract] [full-text via ResearchGate]
  • Studying Refugee Settlement through Longitudinal Research: Methodological and Ethical Insights from the Good Starts Study [abstract] [record in IR]
  • Constructing Gender: Refugee Women Working in the United States [abstract]
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is? Forced Migration and Voluntary Return in Turkey’s Kurdish Regions [abstract] [record in IR]

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