15 June 2015

Thematic Focus: Law & Protection Policy


Beyond Asylum: Rethinking Protection Policies to Meet Sharply Escalating Needs (Transatlantic Council on Migration, June 2015) [text]

Independent Whole of System Review of Protection in the Context of Humanitarian Action (Norwegian Refugee Council & IASC, May 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

"The New Refugees and the Old Treaty: Persecutors and Persecuted in the Twenty-First Century," Chicago Journal of International Law, vol. 16, no. 1 (2015) [full-text via SSRN]

Policy on UNHCR’s Role in Relation to Persons Who Are Likely to Be Refugees Who Do Not Apply for Asylum in the Country in Which They Are Present (UNHCR, May 2015) [text via Rights in Exile Programme]

"Refugee Status and Subsidiary Protection: Towards a Uniform Content of International Protection?," Chapter in Reforming the Common European Asylum System: The New European Refugee Law (Brill/Martinus Nijhoff, Forthcoming 2015) [eprint via SSRN]

Review: Hathaway and Foster, The Law of Refugee Status, 2nd edition (Free Movement Blog, June 2015) [text]
- See also an extract of a review in IJRL of the same book.

Towards a Refugee Oriented Right of Asylum (Ashgate, June 2015) [info]
- Follow link for table of contents and the text of the introduction.

Web site: 

Refugee Law Observatory [access]
- "The purpose of the Observatory is to enhance the capacity of legal practitioners and others interested to understand and apply refugee law in practice using balanced, practice oriented videos on refugee law. It also provides a repository listing events and resources on refugee law."

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