29 June 2015

Regional Focus: Asia

2014 Trends Analysis: Protection in the Urban Refugee Context in the Asia Pacific (Refugee Studies Forum, 2014?) [text]

A Case for Clarification: European Asylum Policy and North Korean Refugees (European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea, June 2015) [text]
- See also related The Diplomat article.

"Life after the Boat Journey in Malaysia," New Internationalist, 19 June 2015 [text]

Resolving Post-disaster Displacement Crises: Insights from the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, Washington, DC, 24 June 2014) [info]
- Follow link for audio of this event.

The Rohingya Migrant Crisis (Council on Foreign Relations, June 2015) [text]

Rohingya Refugees: Turks to the Rescue, RSIS Commentary, no. 122 (RSIS, May 2015) [text via ISN]

A Socio-Economic Review of Japan's Resettlement Pilot Project, New Issues in Refugee Research, Paper no. 276 (UNHCR, June 2015) [text]

Stateless at Sea: The Moken of Burma and Thailand (Human Rights Watch, June 2015) [text]

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