30 June 2015

New ETDs - Pt. 2(b)

More ETDs from Swedish academic institutions.

Refuge beyond Safety: A Study on Syrian Refugees in Jordan Preparing for Irregular Onwards Travel to Europe, Thesis (Malmö University, Spring 2015) [text]

Refugees Don’t Drink Wine, but Gay Men Should: Exploring the Intersections of Refugeehood, Sexuality and Nationality among Gay Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Thesis (Lund University, Spring 2015) [text]

Securitization of Transit Forced Migrants: An Analysis of the Changing Representations of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Indonesian Major Print Media, Thesis (Lund University, 2015) [text]

Seeking Asylum in the United States: Mandatory Detention and International Law, Thesis (Uppsala University, Spring 2015) [text]

Unaccompanied Children - The Effects of Asylum Process: A Study on the Effects of the Waiting Process of Asylum Seeking in Sweden for Unaccompanied Children, Thesis (Uppsala University, Spring 2015) [text]

When the Pain Has Gone Beyond: Adaptive and Maladaptive Coping among Congolese Refugees, Thesis (Stockholm University, 2015) [text]

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