29 March 2016

Regional Focus: Africa

Source: UNHCR
"African Migration: Trends, Patterns, Drivers," Comparative Migration Studies, 4:1 (Jan. 2016) [open access]

"Challenges Faced by Unaccompanied Minor-refugees in South Africa," Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk, vol. 52, no. 1 (2016) [full-text via ResearchGate]

Durable Solutions for Somalia’s Displaced Communities: What Happens Next? (World Bank, March 2016) [text]

The Evolution of Migration Policy in Post-apartheid South Africa: Emerging Themes and New Challenges (SIHMA, Feb. 2016) [text]
- Part two focuses on the refugee framework.

Naturalization in Tanzania: Lessons from the Ebb and Flow of the Process (RefLaw Blog, March 2016) [text]

Overview of UNHCR's Operations in Africa, 65th Meeting of the Standing Committee (EXCOM, Feb. 2016) [text]
- See also NGO Statement on Africa.

The Road to Resilience: A Scoping Study for the Taadoud Transition to Development Project (Feinstein International Center, March 2016) [text]

Therapeutic Activism: Men of Hope Refugee Association Uganda Breaking the Silence over Male Rape in Conflict-related Sexual Violence, IDS Evidence Report, no. 182 (Institute of Development Studies & Refugee Law Project, March 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

War and Peace in South Sudan: March 2016 Update (House of Commons Library, March 2016) [text]

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