10 March 2016

Thematic Focus: General


The European Migration Crisis: Can Development Agencies Do Better?, Briefing Paper, no. 37 (Future UN Development System, Jan. 2016) [text]

"Forced Migration and the City: Irregularity, Informality, and the Politics of Presence," Progress in Human Geography, OnlineFirst, 10 Feb. 2016 [open access]
- Listen also to an earlier related podcast.

How We Can Fix Our Failing Refugee System, Presentation at TED 2016 Conference, Vancouver, 15-19 Feb. 2016 [access]
- Follow link for video.

Mediterranean Politics, Latest Articles, Feb. 2016
- A forthcoming issue of this journal will feature a series of articles published as part of a "Migration Crisis" Forum. The following pieces are freely available: 1) "Interrogating the Mediterranean 'Migration Crisis'," 2) "Crisis, Routine, Consolidation: The Politics of the Mediterranean Migration Crisis," and 3) "Deaths, Interventions, Humanitarianism and Human Rights in the Mediterranean 'Migration Crisis'."

The Refugee/Migrant Crisis, New York, 26 Feb. 2016 [access]
- Follow link for transcript, audio and video of breakfast program with Peter Sutherland.

Trends in Armed Conflict, 1946-2014, Conflict Trends, no. 1 (PRIO, 2016) [text]

What is Impact? (ODI Methods Lab, Feb. 2016) [text]
- See also related Research to Action comment.

Web sites:

Across Borders (Devex et al.) [access]
- "Exploring human migration and the journey to a secure future." Posts can also be viewed here. See related Twitter feed. Contributions currently available under "Origins" and "The Journey"; check back later in month for items under "The Destination" and "The Road Ahead."

Migration Matters [access]
- A forthcoming free video lecture series.

Paweogo: Statelessness and Migration [access]
 - "A blog about statelessness, migration, refugees and climate change." See also Facebook page.

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