26 April 2016

Events & Opportunities: More May 2016

Course: International Summer School in Forced Migration, Oxford, 4-22 July 2016 [info]
- Apply by 1 May 2016.

Seminar: Bottom-up Salvation? Institutionalised Practical Cooperation in EU Asylum Policy, London, 4 May 2016 [info]

Seminar: Statelessness Determination Procedures: Policy Options, Practical Experiences and Challenges, Dublin, 5 May 2016 [info]

CFP: Refugee Crisis in South East Europe, Birmingham, UK, 21 June 2016 [info]
- Deadline for abstract submissions has been extended for participants outside of academia to 6 May 2016.

Call for applications: Odysseus Prizes for Publications on EU Immigration or Asylum Law [info]
- Submit applications by 8 May 2016.

Funding opportunity: NGO Programs Benefiting Refugees in the Balkans [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 9 May 2016.

Panel discussion: Middle East in Crisis: How the World Should Respond, London, 10 May 2016 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.

Lecture: Refugees in our Time: The Challenges of Protection and Security, Sheffield, UK, 11 May 2016 [info]

Seminar series: Imposing Aid: Thirty Years of Emergency Assistance to Refugees, Oxford [info]
- New series begins in May, with seminars scheduled 11 May, "Camps as containment: a genealogy of the refugee camp," 18 May (topic to be decided), and 25 May, "Are camps good for kids?."

CFP: European Educational Research Journal [info]
- Contributions sought for special issue on "Amplifying refugee voices in European educational spaces." Submission deadline is 13 May 2016.

Call for applications: (Forced) Migration and Media Workshop, Leicester, UK, 13-14 June 2016 [info]
- Apply by 15 May 2016.

CFP: Forced Migration Review [info]
- Contributions sought for issue on "Local communities: first and last providers of protection." Submission deadline is 16 May 2016.

Debate: Mental Health: The World's Forgotten Crisis, 19 May 2016 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.

Seminar: The Syrian Refugee Crisis and International Law, Oxford, 19 May 2016 [info]

Seminar: Eritrea Research Network, London, 27 May 2016 [info]

Conference: Health Needs of Those from Forced Migrant Groups, Norwich, UK, 27 May 2016 [info]
- No deadline indicated.

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